Ascot: school wins eco- prize

l-r Jessica Payne, Francesca Carasco, Abigail Chenoweth, Megan Viegas

l-r Jessica Payne, Francesca Carasco, Abigail Chenoweth, Megan Viegas

The Marist Senior School in Ascot, Berkshire,  has been awarded an Eco Schools Bronze Certificate and has held an Environment Week to raise awareness of environmental concerns by involving the entire school in a range of different eco projects.

The theme of the week which ran from 1-5 June was to ‘Reduce’.   All students aimed to check a print preview of their school work first before printing documents to ensure no unnecessary paper was wasted, that lights were turned off where possible to reduce electricity, to always turn taps off properly to save water, and to diligently recycle waste.  During the course of the week, all form rooms competed for the title of ‘Most Eco Friendly Classroom’ by adhering to these goals.  In addition, students participated in an emailed ‘eco quiz’, made posters out of recycled materials using the ‘Reduce’ theme, and began measuring sunflower seedlings as part of their sunflower race!  

The school library encouraged the girls to learn more about environmental issues by visiting the displays that had been created in connection with concerns at both a local and global level.  The displays included photographic images and news articles about environmental concerns affecting everyone and tree saplings to be planted in the school grounds later in the week.  A book exchange programme was also instigated as a further way to save paper.

On 8 June, several girls planted the tree saplings in the school grounds with responsibility to take care of the trees as they grow.  Miss Lydia Spoors, Head of Year 11 said “Environment Week has been a very popular event as it has helped students to become even more aware of the impact they have on the environment.  The school already has a good recycling and ‘low light’ policy but Environment Week has encouraged everyone to think about how they use natural resources even more.  The school is a supporter of the Eco Schools initiative and has already been awarded the Bronze Certificate.  The week has enabled us to engage in more activities to promote further sustainable development within our school.”

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