Obama appoints prolife Catholic to key health post

US President Obama yesterday announced that Alexia Kelley, founder of Catholics in Alliance for the Common Good, will serve as the director of the Health and Human Services Department's Centre  for Faith-Based and Community Initiatives.

The Alliance,  which has campaigned for health care reform, aid for the poor and  immigration reform is also pro-life and advocates efforts to reduce the number of abortions by helping women who want to carry babies to term.

On its website, it states: “Catholics in Alliance believes in the sanctity of all human life—from conception until natural death....Our Catholic faith and the Catholic social tradition affirm that all life is sacred, and that every person has essential worth and dignity. Therefore, we support a consistent culture of life that includes protections for unborn children…”

But the appointment has  already aroused criticism from  both pro-choice and pro-life  groups.  Pro-life organisations describe Kelley as 'too liberal' and  have pointed out that although she has always opposed abortion, Kelley  has backed politicians who promote abortion rights and has supported lifting the ban on federally funding embryonic stem cell research.

For more information see: www.catholicsinalliance.org/

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