Spirit in the City Festival

Churches in London's West End are gearing up for the Spirit in the City Festival - a celebration that brings faith directly into the busyness of the world around us. The event will begin on Thursday afternoon 11 June and conclude on Saturday evening 13 June.

On Saturday 13 June afternoon 11.30am-8pm at Leicester Square a unique Catholic festival will take place, with an entire afternoon of performances to the general public.  These will include Christian music, workshops, prayer and reconciliation service. 

On Thursday and Friday evenings, when the West End comes alive, we too will celebrate our faith in the churches and on the streets with processions and talks: Finding Happiness by Abbot Christopher Jamison OSB from Worth Abbey (11 June 6.45pm at St Patrick's) and about 'Healing' with Fr Stephen Wang from Allen Hall Seminary (12 June 8.30pm, Notre Dame de France).

Spirit in the City gives a unique opportunity to come together and celebrate in community our Catholic Faith in the city!    

For more information email: info@spiritinthecity.org,  phone: 020 7025 1596 visit the ICN Listings pages or see: www.spiritinthecity.org

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