Joint statement by religious leaders

 We and all people of good faith and goodwill - whatever their religious, ethnic or racial background - are appalled by these terrible attacks on American cities. Such evil deeds have no place in the world we seek to build and share. Our hearts go out to the people of America and all those who grieve and mourn. We pray for them and with them. We remember the dead, the bereaved, the injured, and the missing, and all those working to save life. As Christian, Jewish and Muslim religious leaders, we believe that it is vital amid so much anguish and suffering to nourish all that we hold in common and to resist all that would drive us apart. We share a belief in God's compassionate love and a commitment to cherish and respect our common humanity. We pray that at this time of tragedy, we may be worthy of that gift and that challenge. This joint statement was issued by: The Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr George Carey Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor, Archbishop of Westminster The Chief Rabbi, Dr Jonathan Sacks Dr Zaki Badawi, Principal of the Muslim College, and Chairman of the Imams and Mosque Council of the United Kingdom And endorsed by: Rev Anthony Burnham, the Free Churches Moderator Rev Joel Edwards, General Director of the Evangelical Alliance Rev Christina Le Moignan, President of the Methodist Conference

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