Glasgow: all faiths to gather in 9/11 peace vigil

 Leaders from all the major faiths in Scotland will gather in St George's Square Glasgow at 6pm tomorrow, to remember those who died in the attack on the World Trade Centre a year ago, and call for an end of preparations for war on Iraq. Speakers at the rally, called by the Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War, will include: Rev Alan MacDonald, representing the Moderator, Church of Scotland; Rabbi Peter Tobias from Glasgow New Synagogue; Imam Habib Rauf from the Central Mosque and Tim Duffy, secretary of the Roman Catholic Justice and Peace Commission. Dr Alan MacKinnon, Chair of the Scottish Coalition for Justice Not War said: "This event will remember the 3,000 innocent lives lost on September 11 but will also remember the 5 - 6,000 innocent lives also lost in the war against terrorism in Afghanistan, Palestine and Iraq. Above all it will call for a halt to war preparations against Iraq that could result in casualties in the tens of thousands. Just as in 1991, it will be the poor innocent Iraqi people who will pay the price of a war. "The rally will be a sombre event in keeping with the nature of the occasion but it will also reflect the growing anger amongst people if Scotland that Bush and Blair are determined to draw us into another war for control of oil."

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