Glasgow: peace campaigners begin arriving for Saturday's march

 Christian peace campaigners have begun a vigil with many other activists in George Square, Glasgow, in preparation for the biggest peace demonstration to be held in Scotland in recent years. Thousands are expected to converge on the city from all over the country on Saturday. The day will begin at 11.30 with a march followed by a rally in the square from 1-4pm Speakers will include: Kathy Galloway from the Iona Community; Lloyd Quinan MSP, Elaine Smith MSP; Tommy Sheridan MSP; Brian Quail (CND); Aamer Anwar; Osama Saaed from the Muslim Association of Britain; Wael Shawish Palestinian Rights Campaign/Palestian Solidarity Campaign); and Sue Brush who has recently returned from taking medical supplies to Iraq. Future events at the Peace Vigil include an open-air anti-war video night with videos about Iraq and Palestine tonight; and a balloon release tomorrow at noon. On Friday morning the 'anti-war bus tour' on an open top double decker decorated with anti-war slogans starts at George Square, 10.30am. For more details call: Scottish CND 0141 423 1222; or out of office hours: 07751 477628

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