Jeremy Paxman, David Alton, Fr Shay Cullen share platform in new magazine

  The TV presenter and writer Jeremy Paxman, Lord David Alton, Nobel prize nominated Irish priest Fr Shay Cullen, American human rights activist Jim Wallis, and George Alagiah all contribute to the latest edition of Just Right, the magazine published by the inter-church charity Jubilee Action. In the magazine, Lord Alton sounds an alarm after his investigative mission to Sudan and Kenya. He writes: "Tomorrow's revolutionaries, fundamentalists and coups are already in the making in Africa's festering slums where millions of children with no hope and no future are migrating. Lord Alton's special report cites the example of Kenya where there are over one million children are abandoned or orphaned. This reality has caused increasing concern within the United Nations and other NGOs about the impact that a mass of uneducated and disenfranchised young people will have on an already unstable country. The causes of this crisis are manifold. Poverty, AIDS and conflict have conspired to leave vast numbers of children to fend for themselves. Lord Alton calls for greater action from African governments and the international community to confront this crisis and provide education and opportunity to children who are living on the brink. The latest issue also includes an article by Operation Mobilisations Mike Wakely, about the history behind Elizabeth Fry, the face of the new five pound note, and a meditation on rediscovering Jesus at Christmas by Fr Shay Cullen. To order a sample free copy call: Mark Rowland at Jubilee Action on: 01483 894 787 F 01483 894 797 e-mail

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