Pro-lifers urge government to re-think 'safe-sex' message

 Pro-life charity LIFE, issued a statement yesterday saying it was unsurprised at reports that the UK is facing crisis levels of sexually transmitted infections. "We have been warning that this would happen for the past decade," said Nuala Scarisbrick, LIFE Trustee. "Professor Michael Adler, author of this latest report, cites growing levels of complacency about safe sex as the cause of this crisis in public health. But it is the myth that there is such a thing as safe sex that is causing this epidemic in sexually transmitted infections. "Our young people are being misled by both the government and the medical profession. Surely they must have noticed the correlation between pushing the so-called 'safe sex' message to young people, and the corresponding rise in STIs. When will they get the message - that there is no such thing as safe sex and that pushing it is the major cause in the surge in STIs? "Condoms do not protect against STIs. They are certainly not effective against the papilloma virus (or genital warts) which is the fastest growing infection and can cause cervical cancer in women. Condoms, if used at all, are often used ineffectively and the whole 'safe sex' message gives the green light for children and young people to experiment with sex. "The real answer to this crisis is to encourage abstinence. Children and young people should be valued enough to have their formative years protected, and not sexualized as they are now. This in turn means that their self-esteem is raised and they are encouraged to focus on other matters rather than sex, such as friendships, family, and their studies and careers. "This is the way forward and the only strategy to reduce teenage pregnancy and rising STI's. We are calling upon the government, yet again, to re-think its approach before it's too late. How much longer and what more damage will be done before they acknowledge that 'safe sex' is a myth?"

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