New director at National Office for Vocation

 Father Paul Embery has become the new director of the National Office for Vocation in London. He takes over from Fr Kevin Dring who is going to do missionary work in Peru. Fr Paul comes from Lancaster Diocese and was ordained in 1990. Most recently he was in charge of Castlerigg Manor, a large Catholic residential youth centre in the Lake District. For several years he was also responsible for those training for the priesthood in his own diocese. The National Office for Vocation was set up two years ago by the Catholic Bishops of England and Wales to promote a greater understanding of vocation, and support those considering entering the priesthood, religious life, marriage or the diaconate. The Office also works with individuals and groups in dioceses doing similar work at local level. In 2004 it dealt with more than 2,200 enquiries, of which nearly 300 were regarding priesthood or the consecrated life. Fr Paul said: "Despite what people sometimes perceive, the reality is that many men and women are seriously thinking about how they can make a real and practical response to the call of God in their lives. "Over recent decades we may have been a bit reticent to encourage young people to make serious vocational choices, especially those involving lifelong commitment. But, by doing this we run the risk of doing them a great disservice, by failing to help them realise their calling and God-given potential." Fr Paul said he thinks it is an exciting time to be a priest. He said: "We have had our problems, and we also know that over the next 10-20 years we are going to see some fairly big changes in the way things are structured in the Church in England and Wales. We need dedicated men of vision to serve as priests, to lead and accompany people to discover what it means to be a Catholic in the world today and to spread the good news of the Gospel. I would particularly encourage young men, to consider the call of God in their lives and to respond with faith and courage." For more information visit: or: Source: CCS

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