Clifton: unique posters promote priestly vocations

 A series of striking new posters have been revealed as part of a fresh campaign launched by the recently appointed Clifton Diocese Vocations Director Father Robert King. At a special event at the diocese's administrative headquarters, Alexander House in Easton, Bristol, Fr Robert unveiled the collection of posters which aims to increase awareness of vocations to the Catholic priesthood. The colourful creations were designed by young Catholic Tim Behrsin. Tim said: "Fr Robert asked me to produce a poster for the priesthood: reflecting in part what I feel it is to be a priest. "It is a subject that some people regard as grey, dull and boring. The posters show, through the use of colour and modern art that the diocesan priesthood is anything but this. It is a ministry that needs young, vibrant people who have a strong desire to help others and to serve God in their day to day lives." The two designs have a similar theme but come from two very different sources, as Tim explains: "The image of a priest borrows a lot from instant messaging, similar to email, because part of the priestly duty is delivering the Good News - being a messenger. The second poster was inspired by an album cover by the use of the silhouetted image of Jesus calling His priests. "The quote I chose is paraphrased from Matthew's account of Jesus calling James and John. As soon as Jesus called them, they left everything behind and followed Him. Fr Robert is pleased with the new initiative. He said: "I'm delighted with Tim's designs for the posters to promote vocations to the priesthood. It is good to involve a variety of people and to be frank about the need for men to respond to the Lord's call to ordained ministry. The vibrant posters reflect not only a sense of urgency about God's call but also the wonderful life to which priests are called." The posters will be available in all Catholic parishes and schools in the Clifton Diocese as part of this ongoing promotional project. For more information see:

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