London: churches to join international day of climate change

 On Saturday 3 December, Christians from all denominations will gather at Hinde Street Methodist Church in London to pray for international action to prevent disastrous global climate change. The service forms part of an International Day of Climate Protest to mark United Nations Climate Talks. Churches Together in Britain and Ireland, which brings together Churches of Catholic, Orthodox, Protestant, Anglican, Reformed and Pentecostal traditions, is supporting the ecumenical service through Operation Noah, the church-led climate change campaign. World leaders will meet in Montreal from 29 November to 9 December to begin the process of agreeing a gameplan for averting dangerous climate change after the Kyoto Protocol expires in 2012. The ecumenical service in London is being organized by Christian Ecology Link. There will be speakers from Tearfund, and the Religious Society of Friends, together with Ruth Jarman, representing Operation Noah. They will be joined by others from churches, aid agencies, and development and environmental groups. Demonstrations will take place in other major European cities, including Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dublin, as well as in America, Canada, and the Global South. Thousands are expected to march in London. Christians will form part of an interfaith section of people whose religious beliefs have inspired them to bear witness. The rally culminates outside the US Embassy at 2.30pm, where Christian leaders are among those offered a platform. The service will follow at nearby Hinde Street (West London Mission) from 4pm to 5pm. Revd Dr David Pickering, Moderator of Operation Noah, said: "We will be making life very hard for future generations if Montreal fails to agree a way forward on long term action on climate change. The Kyoto Protocol must be followed up with far bigger cuts in our carbon emissions. Binding targets are the only way to stop catastrophic climate changes kicking in. Not only that, we want Montreal to recognise that within a safe global carbon budget every country, everyone, rich or poor, is entitled to a fair share of the economic benefits which responsible use of fossil fuels can bring." "A strong and united Christian presence at the International Day of Climate Protest in London would demonstrate that Christians are committed to taking concerted action to safeguard the life on Earth, both now and for future generations," he added. Organizers are encouraging people to travel to the event by foot, bicycle or public transport. For more information see: Christian Ecology Link: Source: CTBI

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