Saint Nicholas the matchmaker (advert)

 Today is the feast of Saint Nicholas and in many countries around the world children will be receiving small presents. Besides being the original Father Christmas, Saint Nicholas is also the patron saint of women looking for a husband. According to legend, this 4th century bishop gave three bags of gold to three girls who were unable to marry, because they didn't have dowries. Since then, Saint Nicholas has been invoked by men and women all over the world, searching for a marriage partner. Christmas can be a difficult time of year for single people. For Christians there are always many church and charitable activities to take part in - but after that, for many, there's the experience of feeling the odd one out at other people's family gatherings, or a long stretch of time pottering around alone or watching TV. If this describes you - don't feel you are the the only one in this situation. According to government statistics in 2004 there were seven million people living alone in Great Britain, nearly four times as many as in 1961.* But there is still time to take action before the Christmas season begins. Friends First is a well-established introduction agency that specialises in helping single Christians of all denominations and ages meet each other for friendship or marriage. Much more than just a dating agency, or matchmaking website, FriendsFirst offers a professional, confidential, personal and very friendly service - and has a very high success rate. For more information or to obtain a brochure, call: 0121 4271286, e-mail or visit: * figures from National Statistics Online

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