Promise to change your lifestyle and help end poverty

 Make a promise with the livesimply challenge and join hundreds of people who want to change something in their life to help end poverty and protect the environment. This is the rallying call from the livesimply Network who have launched their livesimply:promise website which enables people to make a pledge to change something in their lifestyle and get others to do the same. "The livesimply:promise is about making a commitment, from re-using your plastic bags to prayer. It's these small actions we hope will, like a domino effect, create a movement of people who believe they can truly make a big difference in the world," said Mark Woods, livesimply spokesperson. The website launched with promises ranging from not flying around Europe, becoming an active anti-poverty campaigner to sharing a simple lunch. "The great thing is that pledgers won't be alone, each promise will be supported by a virtual community of people, promising to do the same. So if you hit a wall in living out your promise there will be people out there who will keep you going," said Mark Woods. The driving force behind the livesimply:promise is to galvanize the Catholic community and the general public to do something about the way their lifestyles affect people living in poverty and damage the environment. Christine Allen, Executive Director of Progressio said: "Decisions we take here as consumers and citizens affect poor communities thousands of miles away. "Whether or not we buy fair trade products, reduce our carbon emissions or write to our MP. Our actions have the power to be beneficial or harmful to poor people and our environment around the globe. "Not only do we need to press governments to adopt policies that help poor communities and the planet, we also need 'to be the change we want to see.'" The livesimply:promise is part of the year-long livesimply Challenge which this year marks the anniversary of Populorum Progressio. Written in 1967 Pope Paul VI's encyclical - 'On the Development of the Peoples', 40 years on, still holds a loud and clear message that it's everyone's responsibility to take action in creating a fairer world. Over 30 Catholic organizations have already signed up to livesimply, from the Pontifical Mission Societies, CAFOD, Progressio, Pax Christi and Justice and Peace groups. For more information go to:

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