Lib Dems call for end to discrimination against Catholics

 Today Liberal Democrat equality spokesperson, Lorely Burt, is launching a Parliamentary motion calling for an end to discrimination against Catholics. Lorely Burt said: "There is a fundamental principle of discrimination here. It is unacceptable that in 2007 we still have ridiculous laws on our statute books that, for example, prevent a Catholic from marrying the heir to the throne. "Before he steps down, Tony Blair should consider removing this institutional discrimination. After all, if reports are to believed, he may have a rather more personal interest in Catholic affairs when he leaves number 10; he should act whilst he still has the chance. The Text of the motion reads: Early Day Motion 1532 - DISCRIMINATION AGAINST CATHOLICS That this house believes that nobody should be subject to unfair discrimination on grounds including, but not limited to race, sex, sexual orientation, disability, age, gender identity or religion; notes that the laws of this country continue to discriminate against Catholics in a completely unjustifiable manner; resolves to remove the bar on a Catholic marrying the heir to the throne; and further resolves to allow a Catholic diocese to be given the same name as an Anglican diocese and calls on the Government to include such measures in its forthcoming Single Equality Bill. Currently the Bill of Rights 1688, Act of Settlement 1700 and the Union with Scotland Act 1706 prevent the Monarch from being a Catholic and the spouse of the Monarch from being a Catholic. These laws concerning Catholics have not been repealed. The Roman Catholic Relief Act (1926) ended punishment for naming a Catholic Diocese that same as an Anglican Diocese, but doing so still remains technically illegal. Source: Lib Dem Office

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