Ireland celebrates Catholic Schools Week

Catholic Schools Week 2009 began in Ireland yesterday.   For the first time the work and contribution of Catholic schools will be celebrated at an All Ireland level with the theme: 'Catholic Schools ­ A Vision for Life'.
Catholic Schools Week opened with seminars in Dublin and Belfast on education and the role of Catholic Schools.  Key speakers include Archbishop Diarmuid Martin, Archbishop of Dublin and Bishop Noel Treanor, Bishop of Down and Connor.
According to Bishop Leo O'Reilly, Chair of the Bishops' Commission for Education: "Catholic schools provide young people with the moral, intellectual, and spiritual foundation to contribute to the common good.   This special week is also a celebration of  the indispensable role of teachers in the life of the school and parish through their committed service to the education of the young.  Vatican II's declaration on Christian education says of teachers '. that the Catholic school depends upon them almost entirely for the accomplishment of its goals and programs.'
"Parishes are asked to pray for the future of Catholic schools in a changing context which challenges the mission of the school while it provides exciting new challenges.
"The main events of Catholic Schools week will take place in parishes and schools. Resources prepared for the week, available on, encourage all members of the school community to reflect on two key questions: 'What makes a school Catholic?' and 'What does it mean to be a Catholic school?'  Some of the resources are intended for use also by Boards of Management/Governors and in the home.  Thus, all the partners in Catholic schools are invited to reflect on these questions and find the response that gives meaning to their various roles. 
Bishop O'Reilly concluded: "This week long celebration culminates with RTÉ 1 television broadcasting a Mass from St Mary's Parish, Lucan, Dublin at 11am on Sunday 1 February.  A special liturgy has been prepared reflecting the week's theme and primary and secondary students from the parish will also attend.  All are welcome."

Source: Irish Catholic Media Office

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