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London: Interfaith Welcome Refugee evening

Rafidah Al-Zeerm, Camden Welcome Refugees

More than 80 people from faith institutions across London attended a Welcome Refugee reception at the Islamic Cultural Centre & London Central Mosque Trust by Regents Park on Tuesday evening.

Parishioners from Farm St Mayfair and Holy Apostles Pimlico were among the participants.

The panel of speakers included: Tania Bright of Church Response for Refugees, Sarah Hayward, Leader ...

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Text: Canon Pat Browne at Christmas Midnight Mass 2016 + audio

Canon Pat Browne gave the following homily at Christmas Midnight Mass, Holy Apostles, Pimlico in central London.

Have you ever put your foot forward and have the ground give way before you? Perhaps it was on a stone as you tried to cross a stream or in a marshy field. You began to sink as you moved forward. There have been stories of people waking up as an earthquake was happeni...

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Fr Augusto Zampini reflects on the meaning of kingship

Fr Augusto Zampini-Davies

Fr Augusto Zampini-Davies gave the following homily on Sunday, the Feast of Christ the King, at Holy Apostles, Pimlico, central London.

This week a bishop showed me a letter where a faithful Catholic was complaining about something happening in his diocese. The letter ended with a motto: 'long live Christ our King'. But given the tone of the letter, I doubt this person in partic...

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Faith groups urge UK government to accept child refugees after visit to Calais Jungle

Friday's interfaith delegation

On Friday morning at 5.30am I joined Canon Pat Browne and Alcinda Verissima, from Holy Apostles Catholic Church, Pimlico, and Fr Dominic Robinson from Farm Street Church, Mayfair, six Rabbis, one Anglican Bishop, three Baptist Ministers and one Islamic Chair of a Mosque - 22 of us altogether - on a day trip to 'The Jungle', the temporary refugee city in Calais. Around 10,000 people currently li...

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New musical about Ten Commandments is a hit

This weekend Holy Apostle's Church in Pimlico, central London, hosted two performances of Sing It! - a musical about the Ten Commandments performed and stage crewed by more than 70 parish children. The primary purpose of doing the play was to give the children an equal opportunity to learn performing arts and religious education. The secondary motive was to fundraise for their twin parish in Tu...

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Homily Text: Canon Pat Browne on Holy Thursday

The Last Supper - Fritz von Uhde

Nothing sums up better the hospitality of God than the Last Supper - His unconditional welcome to all of us.

Years ago a friend invited me home to his parents' house. On the way up to the front door, I didn't know it, but I stepped in something. I innocently entered the house and took some steps across the carpeted hallway where his mother was waiting to greet me, a beaming smile on her ...

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Good Friday Reflection with Fr Augusto Zampini Davies

Fr Augusto Zampini Davies gave the following homily at the Celebration of the Lord's Passion on Good Friday at Holy Apostles, Pimlico.

The Passion of Christ is a disturbing story, full of violence, lies, cries, manipulation of power, pain, and, indeed, the dead of the innocent Jesus of Nazareth, who claimed to be King and God. Sadly, our world is also like that, full of disturbi...

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London: Celebrating Africa evening

There will be an evening of African music, drumming, dancers and food at Holy Apostles Catholic Church, Pimlico in central London, this Saturday, in aid of their sister Parish in Turkana, north west Kenya. During the evening there will also be a raffle with excellent prizes and a charity auction.

The special Guest of Honour on the evening will be His Royal Majesty, Oba Dokun Thompson, th...

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Reflection: Stand up if you were not born in the UK please?

The Jungle, Calais - home to many unaccompanied children

Canon Pat Browne, parish priest at Holy Apostles, Pimlico, gave the following homily this Sunday.

Over the summer many of us have been able to get away to warmer climes. Some of you went to places like Italy and Greece. I went to Malta. The sun was shining, the sea was warm and inviting, the food was good and the people were hospitable. But all the time I was in Malta I was very...

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London: Pimlico parish achieves LiveSimply Award

Judy Ann Masters and Canon Pat Browne

Holy Apostles in Pimlico has become the nineteenth parish in England and Wales, and the third in Westminster Diocese, to be awarded the LiveSimply parish award for its commitment to live more simply and sustainably and in solidarity with the world's poor.

The LiveSimply Award, a national prize for Catholic parishes putting their faith into action, requires three substantial actions, then...

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Homily: Canon Pat Browne on Feast of the Baptism of the Lord

I have been a priest in London for over 40 years now. For many of those years Irish people in London lived in the shadow of IRA and UDA Terrorism. It was a very difficult time to be Irish in London. Airey Neave an MP was blown up in his car in the car park of the House of Commons. One of our Pimlico parishioners just happened to be walking past Chelsea barracks when the IRA bomb there went off ...

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Reflection on UN International Day of Peace

Fr Augusto Zampini Davies, an Argentinian priest attached to CAFOD, working for a PhD in theology and social ethics at Roehampton University, Preached on social justice on 21 September, International United Nations Day of Peace, at Holy Apostles, Pimlico.

The Psalm we read today says that 'The Lord is near to all who call upon him'. But is he? What about if you have worked hard...

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Celebrations mark 40th Anniversary of Canon Pat Browne's Ordination

Party takes to the floor

There was standing-room only at Holy Apostles Church in Pimlico, central London on Friday evening, for a special Mass for the 40th anniversary of the Ordination to the Priesthood of Canon Pat Browne. Cardinal Cormac Murphy O'Connor and Bishop Nicholas Hudson together with about 30 priests concelebrated. The congregation included several Peers and Members of Parliament, the Deputy Mayor of Westm...

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Text: Canon Pat Browne reflects on 40 years of priesthood

Fr Pat's ordination 16 June 1974

Fr Pat Browne preached during a special Mass at Holy Apostles, Pimlico,  central London on Friday, 20 June, to mark the 40th anniversary of his ordination to the priesthood.

In All Hallows seminary, Dublin,  Pat Browne was studying to be a priest in Atlanta, Georgia. He began his homily by recalling that it did not work out like that:

'In the totalitarian sta...

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