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Letter from Calais - Appeal for volunteers

Phil Kerton from Seeking Sanctuary visited Calais on 30 May, taking clothing, cash and bedding donated by various groups and individuals. He found a situation that was superficially calm, yet worrying: worries that have since been confirmed as correct

Phil writes: More volunteers with jobs in education can turn up during school holidays and various busy groups of volunte...

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Dunkirk: Letter from Seeking Sanctuary

image Caritas  Europa

As we prepare this Easter update we continue to get disturbing news from Dunkirk where the camp was almost entirely destroyed by fire. Many of the residents who were displaced were put up for a few nights in local sports centres but they have now been told to move on - but to where? Some buses were provided but the majority of those involved preferred to push or carry their few possessions away...

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Calais: Things have never been so tough

image - Benny Hunter

News from those working in Calais is that things have never been so tough. The French 'welcome centres' distributed across the country may have provided a solution for some people, but for those where it didn't, conditions are worse than the Jungle ever was. There are hundreds of refugees, mostly minors, sleeping rough on the streets of Calais and Paris with no access to shelter from the elemen...

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Vatican official visits agencies working with refugees

Ben Bano (Seeking Sanctuary), Faith Anderson (CSAN), Mgr Anthony Figueiredo, Libby Abbott (CAFOD), Phil Kerton (Seeking Sanctuary)

Monsignor Anthony Figueiredo of the Migrants and Refugees section of the Vatican's new Dicastery for the Promotion of Integral Human Development visited CAFOD and Caritas Social Action Network (CSAN) this week, to hear about their work with refugees.

In particular, Mgr Figueiredo was interested in the work of CSAN member Seeking Sanctuary and their grassroots work delivering material aid ...

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Campaigners urge Theresa May not to abandon lone child refugees + PETITION

image - Caritas Europa

Charities and groups working with unaccompanied child refugees have expressed grave concern after the government announced yesterday that it cancelled plans to bring 3,000 children to the UK. Phil Kerton, from Seeking Sanctuary, which works with Secours Catholique in Calais offering food, clothing and basic medical help to refugees, appealed for "individuals and faith groups to sp...

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Seeking Sanctuary - update on Calais refugees

Image from the demolish Jungle Eritrean Church

Phil Kerton and Ben Bano from Seeking Sanctuary send this latest report on the situation in Calais.

We have both made recent trips to deliver much-needed goods collected by a number of Church Communities. A very generous donation from a church in North London enabled Ben to distribute €1,000 to Secours Catholique and to the Catholic Worker House which is doing such vital wo...

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Calais: A new chapter starts

I set off to drive to Dover on the last day of November to make my first visit to Calais since the destruction of the 'Jungle' camp. The temperature was permanently below zero as I headed East along the A2 and M2, with the blinding morning sun ahead of me. I had already packed goods from a variety donors into the car and met up with Ben and his son to add an even larger quantity principally col...

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Campaigners voice fears over impending clearance of Calais 'Jungle'

What does the future hold for this child?

Campaigners have expressed concern over the impending clearance of the Calais 'Jungle'.

As reported by Independent Catholic News on October 7th, an agency of the French Bishops Conference cautiously accepted the general thrust of government plans to dismantle the Calais camp and relocate its refugees, saying that the plans are "going in the right direction." A spokesman said: "We hope th...

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Seeking Sanctuary appeals for action from everyone on child refugees

Eritrean child in Calais Jungle - ICN

Thanks to Lord Dubs and his supporters, the 2016 Immigration Act obliges the government to take action to help unaccompanied refugee children who are already in Europe to come and resettle in the UK. But Phil Kerton and Ben Beno from the charity Seeking Sanctuary have expressed concern that time is passing and children are still on their own in potentially dangerous situations - living in poor ...

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Calais refugees: 129 children missing

Eritrean girl

Phil Kerton and Ben Bano from Seeking Sanctuary report from the Calais Jungle.

As the better weather sets in our thoughts turn to all our friends who are still without proper shelter in Northern France. Since the recent clearance of the southern part of the Calais 'jungle', many people are now in even worse conditions as they seek to survive crammed in to in the remaining part o...

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Urgent appeal from Calais: Please do not stop bringing aid!

Cold, wet, dirty, hungry - nowhere to go

There is a crisis of aid supplies in Calais right now. Because of the demolition of the 'Jungle' people assume Calais is 'over' and they've stopped bringing donations, BUT there are thousands of people still there and need help more than ever.

On Monday, 1,300 people in Dunkirk started to move into a new MSF-built camp. However, due to the risk of scabies, people will not be able to brin...

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Calais - Charity says: 'Bring the children to sanctuary and safety'

Children in the Jungle are missing their education, have no childhood. image: ICN

The charity Seeking Sanctuary, which organises basic humanitarian assistance for the refugees and migrants in the Calais 'Jungle through Faith Communities and Community Organisations in partnership with experienced aid agencies such as 'Secours Catholique' - said in a statement today: 'We support the recent comments of the Bishop of Dover condemning the use of tear gas near...

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Care4Calais condemns French authorities' harsh evictions in Calais Jungle

Volunteer groups and charities working with the refugees in the Calais Jungle have expressed their grave concern this evening at the brutal way the French authorities have carried out evictions over the last two days. They have issued the following statement tonight: In a press conference last week the Prefecture assured journalists that the dismantling of the southern part...

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Seeking Sanctuary says "No" to enforced expulsions in Calais

Eritrean Chapel under threat of demolition

Catholic charity Seeking Sanctuary has expressed grave concern over the news that the French authorities plan to bulldoze a large large section of the 'Jungle' refugee camp in Calais this week - including several places of worship, medical and food centres. Ben Bano and Phil Kerton from Seeking Sanctuary says in a statement:

"In an inhumane and clumsy measure, taking place in ...

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