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Smartphones users support 'industry of death' in Africa

Fr Richard Muembo with Fr Apollinaire Cikongo

Users of new technology are unwittingly fueling violence in Africa and exploiting workers, according to leading priests in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC), who have spoken out against alleged corruption in the production of minerals used in mobile phones and other electronic devices. Father Richard Muembo, rector of Christ the King Seminary, in Malole, in the DRC, said: “An...

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Calais: Things have never been so tough

image - Benny Hunter

News from those working in Calais is that things have never been so tough. The French 'welcome centres' distributed across the country may have provided a solution for some people, but for those where it didn't, conditions are worse than the Jungle ever was. There are hundreds of refugees, mostly minors, sleeping rough on the streets of Calais and Paris with no access to shelter from the elemen...

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Charities protest at government's 'reprehensible decision' on child refugees

Photo Credit: Benny Hunter

On 7th March MPs voted 287-267 to close the Dubs Amendment, and to shut the door on 2650 unaccompanied child refugees living without protection in Europe. More than 60 charities have signed an open letter protesting at the decision. They say:

This is a reprehensible decision.

The Children and Social Work Bill was proposed to have an amendment by MP Heidi Allen, which required the go...

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Calais: Catholic charity struggles to help stranded child refugees

Chlldren keep dry in plastic bags

While recent news has focussed on the UK government's decision to renege on their promise under the Dubs Amendment, to take 3,000 lone refugee children - volunteers in France are struggling to cope with hundreds of children - who've no longer even had the shelter of the 'Jungle' through this cold winter.

At the very end of January, the Calais Council registered a complaint agains...

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UK government backtracks on promise to take child refugees

Eritrean child in Calais Jungle last summer - ICN

On the International day of Prayer and Awareness of Human Trafficking, the British government announced that it was closing a scheme to take in 3,000 unaccompanied child refugees - after accepting just 350 children. Immigration Minister Robert Goodwill said local authorities only "have capacity for around 400 unaccompanied asylum-seeking children until the end of this financial year" and sai...

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London talk: After the Jungle what next

Caritas Westminster and Capital Mass are hosting an event for those interested in finding out more about the situation for refugees and migrants on the coast of northern France and elsewhere after the destruction of the Calais 'Jungle' refugee camp. Come along to hear about the work of Brother Johannes Maertens at the Maria Skobtsova House in Calais, see two short films made by refugees living ...

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Catholic twins embark on charity projects in Africa and Asia

Step Into the Gap volunteers (Charlotte Bray end left, Sophie Bray back row and second from the right)

Twin sisters from Herefordshire are setting off for Africa and Asia this month as part of an ambitious charity project. The pair are participating in CAFOD's Step into the Gap scheme, which enables young people to spend a year volunteering in the UK and visiting CAFOD partners overseas. Charlotte Bray will be heading to Cambodia and her identical sister Sophie will travel to Ethiopia...

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North West NJPN E Bulletin

Anne O'Connor

In a bumper edition for January-February 2017, the latest North West National Justice and Peace Network E Bulletin features harrowing eye-witness accounts of the current situation in Kabul and of the dismantling of the Calais jungle.

Other items include home affairs (Poverty Action Week), SVP initiatives, housing and homelessness in the UK, the refugee crisis, the arms trade and menta...

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URGENT Appeal to help refugees sleeping outdoors in France

Since the break up of the 'Jungle' at Calais, many refugees in France have no where to shelter and are being forced to sleep out in the open - while temperatures have gone well below freezing.

The charity Care4Calais has two warehouses in Calais which are acting as hubs to get various types of donation to places where they are needed, not solely to areas close to Calais and Dunkirk. This...

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London: Pax Christi Advent Peace Service + readings

Julie McCann, 3rd right with musicians from St Leonard's,  Streatham

The annual Pax Christi Advent Peace Service and Fair was held at St Aloysius Church in Euston last night. Coming at the end of a year which has seen an upsurge in conflicts around the world and a huge influx of refugees fleeing warzones, this popular service, with its clear focus on the peacemaking message of Advent, felt particularly poignant. The service was led by Pad G...

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Calais: A new chapter starts

I set off to drive to Dover on the last day of November to make my first visit to Calais since the destruction of the 'Jungle' camp. The temperature was permanently below zero as I headed East along the A2 and M2, with the blinding morning sun ahead of me. I had already packed goods from a variety donors into the car and met up with Ben and his son to add an even larger quantity principally col...

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Pope tells business leaders: use money to serve, not rule

On Thursday Pope Francis reflected on three challenges of business: the proper use of money, honesty, and solidarity, in his address at a Vatican conference entitled: 'Business Leaders as Agents of Economic and Social Inclusion' and is hosted by the Pontifical Council for Justice and Peace on Thursday. 18 November.

The Holy Father said money is "one of the most difficult topics of moral ...

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Calais: Basildon parish suspends project - others to continue

Cleared 'Jungle'

Fr Dominic Howarth, Parish Priest of Holy Trinity Church, Basildon, Essex, writes:

After fourteen months, the parish Calais project is - for now - at an end. As you will have seen on the news, the Calais jungle was completely demolished three weeks ago. The refugees living there were sent to 'welcome centres' across France. The reports being received by charities indicate that t...

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Seeking Sanctuary appeals for solidarity with remaining refugees in Calais

Site of demolished  church

Ben Bano and Phil Kerton from Seeking Sanctuary writes: The story of exiles currently and recently stuck in Calais has entered a new chapter, but they are all still in need, especially the young people. Judged solely by numerical data, the exercise to remove residents and clear the 'jungle' in Calais site was a success. The aim of officials to remove the camp before November became kno...

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Saints (1 search results)

March 23rd

St Toribio of Lima

Saint Of The Day

Reforming bishop. A patron of missionaries and South America.

Toribio Alfonso de Mogrobejo was born in Mayorga, in Spain, in 1538. A law professor at the University of Salamanca, he was appointed chief judge of the Inquisition at Granada by King Philip II.

He was still a layman, when in 1580, he was made a bishop and sent to work in Lima, Peru. He arrived in the following year to find the huge diocese in an appalling state. There were few priests and the Spanish colonists, far from any authority to control them, were 'converting' the Indians by force, giving them no instruction and using and abusing them.

Toribio set about his first visitation of the country immediately. It took him seven years to visit each community, covering enormous distances on foot, horseback and by boat, through coastlines, mountains and jungle with no roads. At the end of his trip he wrote a report and set about building churches, hospitals and schools.

In 1591 he established the first seminary in the New World, at Lima. Toribio learnt several Indian languages in order to be able to speak directly with as many of his parishioners as possible.

He made many enemies championing the civil rights of the Indians. He was generous to poor Indians and Spaniards alike, giving support discretely so people never realised where it came from.

Toribio confirmed St Rose of Lima and was a friend of hers. A tireless worker, Toribio remained in harness until his death. He became ill during a visitation to Pacamao and died on this day in Santa in 1606.