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Dunkirk: Letter from Seeking Sanctuary

image Caritas  Europa

As we prepare this Easter update we continue to get disturbing news from Dunkirk where the camp was almost entirely destroyed by fire. Many of the residents who were displaced were put up for a few nights in local sports centres but they have now been told to move on - but to where? Some buses were provided but the majority of those involved preferred to push or carry their few possessions away...

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Thirty migrants join Calais 'jungle' and Dunkirk camp daily

The Calais 'jungle'

The population of the Calais and Dunkirk camps has again risen beyond 5000 and grows at the rate of some 30 new souls daily. The site of the Calais 'jungle' has changed greatly since the destruction of many dwellings in February, but the camp has not gone away, with thousands of migrants still relying on aid and the hard work of volunteers.

Observations from several visits to Calais in ...

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Urgent appeal from Calais and Dunkirk refugee camps

Ben and Marie-Claude Beno from Seeking Sanctuary, with a consignment of goods at Secour Catholique

Seeking Sanctuary, the Kent-based charity which is supporting refugees in the camps in northern France has sent us this message.

A volunteer writes: We are critically low on many many items, the flow of donations has ceased, and by Friday we will have no shoes, no t-shirts, no jumpers. We shortly will have no new clothes for new arrivals to provide them with warmth, a basic huma...

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Refugees in northern France - recent developments

Makeshift shelters in a river of mud

Weather in the Nord-pas-de-Calais region has been wet and windy for several weeks, turning the ground in refugee camps into a swamp and damaging tents and shelters that have only a precarious anchor to this ground. Even if there were sufficient places to wash and shower, it is almost impossible to remain clean, warm and dry. In January, daytime temperatures have been below zero for successive d...

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CCS volunteer sets sail with Dunkirk Little Ships

Thamesa (formerly the Minnihaha)

Catholic Children’s Society (Westminster) volunteer Liz Tough is away from the office this week – because she is taking part in a re-enactment of Operation Dynamo,  commemorating the 70th anniversary of the evacuation of 338,000 British and Allied troops from Dunkirk in 1940. Liz’s husband John is Commodore of the Association of Dunkirk Little  Ships....

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