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Thousands of peace campaigners prepare to walk to Assisi

 The annual March for Peace, from Perugia to Assisi in Italy, takes place next Sunday (14 October). More than 300,000 people from all over Europe have already signed up to take part in the 32 km walk between the two cities. Many more are expected to join on the day. Flavio Lotti spokesman for 'Tavola della Pace', the organization coordinating the event, said: "the march is going to be not against globalization but rather in favour of a new globalization, one that changes priorities in economic and political agendas. We can do this only through non-violence." More than 200 delegates from round the world will be attending the Assisi international peace conference over the weekend. A formal document will be presented with proposals to fight terrorism. Fr Fausto Fortunato from 'Tavola della Pace' expressed deep esteem for the Muslim faith in his introduction. Representatives from UK include Rae Street, vice president of the International Peace Bureau and president of CND; Ann Pettifort from Jubilee Plus, and Mary Kaldor and Marilies Glasius from the Global Civic Society based at the London School of Economics.