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Saturday, October 22, 2016
Readers' comments
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 We welcome your comments on our stories. Here is a selection of recent comments from our readers:
Seeking Sanctuary says: 'Bring the children NOW !'
By: RochesPoint on 10/12/16
This reminds me of Lazarus ignoring the poor and vulnerable. When will our politicians show a love for "humans on our doorstep' instead of money selling weapons to Saudi Arabia to innocent civilians. The UK have boasted we are 4/5th richest country...
Pope Francis: God isn't interested in 'cosmetic' religion
By: RochesPoint on 10/11/16
How Francis has his finger on the pulse by highlighting the humility of God incarnate in Jesus. The Holy Spirit is behind the St Vincent De Paul Society. Vincentian spirituality sums up this wonderful way of God. It's strength lies in its quiet act...
No more excuses, UK must end arms exports to Saudi Arabia now
By: RochesPoint on 10/10/16
For 2 years I have been saying we should stop selling arms to Saudi. I am ashamed of the UKs obsession with money making in lethal weapons. So many innocent people are being killed in Yemen. ...
27 July - Saints Aurelius and Natalia
By: RochesPoint on 7/26/16
Interesting; I heard one of the messages from Our Lady of Medjugorje many years ago, she said; 'the holiest person here is a Muslim lady' David O'Brien...
Fr Shay Cullen reflects on 'The Age of Disbelief'
By: RochesPoint on 7/26/16
No wonder it's harder for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of Heaven than it is for camel to pass through the eye of a needle! How many of our parish communities have taken on a refugee family? Pope Francis has requested this but I don't see it happ...
Pope Francis: it's one thing to talk mercy, another to live it
By: RochesPoint on 7/1/16
The St Vincent De Paul Society quietly but surely helps desperate families and neighbours in need but never shouts from the rooftops. It is the Holy Spirit at work through willing volunteers. The spirituality behind the society is its source of power...
Pope's in-flight press conference on return from Armenia
By: josephine on 6/28/16
Ruby Almeida, chair of Quest (LGBT Catholics) has approved the following text in response to Pope Francis' apology for past harm done to gay people: Quest welcomes Pope Francis' clear words of apology to lesbian and gay Catholics. We share the v...
India: 'Dialogue-Plus' with Islamic scholar Maulana Wahiduddin Khan
By: josephine on 6/20/16
DIALOGUE IS… Dialogue is not so much about attempting to resolve immediate conflicts, but about building a "community of conversation," a "community of heart and mind" across racial, ethnic and religious barriers where people learn to...
Viewpoint: Why I walked out
By: Boyers on 6/6/16
A major part of the problem is Seminary training! If there are "practice sermons" they are peer to peer which is useless. A better system would be to push students into parishes and let them preach there. Then invite parishioners to comment. Perha...
Pope: Clericalism distorts the Church
By: RochesPoint on 4/27/16
Once again Francis is so on the boil, his finger is perfectly on the pulse. He speaks of Latin America as he is from there but what he says also applies to our country and I have witnessed it in our own diocese. Our church has broken its own rules w...
Sunday Reflection with Fr Robin Gibbons - 24th April 2016
By: RochesPoint on 4/23/16
I am with you 100%. Community is key and love is at its roots. As a lay member of 'OUR' church we are often dictated to and treated as fodder for the hierarchy. Pope Francis is trying to turn this hierarchical triangle upside down. Priests are mean...
Pakistan: Pope reaches out to bomb blast victims
By: RochesPoint on 3/31/16
This reminds me of that bit of scripture that warns anyone harming innocent children will be worse than having a millstone around the neck. These suicide bombers are going to be the worst sufferers one day. At the same time the bible asks us to lov...
Good Friday Reflection with Fr Augusto Zampini Davies
By: RochesPoint on 3/28/16
A very honest and wise reflection. As Catholics we don't have a monopoly on God. Ultimately ecumenism has to be the way forward if we want heaven on earth. Beauty leads to creation and bullying leads to corruption and if we genuflect without thinking...
Broadcaster says most people in Britain know little about Christianity
By: CatholicSaints.Info on 3/16/16
Maybe it's exaggerated for effect on television, but sitting on the US side of the Atlantic it seems that Brits are proud of being "post-Christian", and are openly dismissive or even hostile to people of faith, even if the Christian is just living th...
More refugees will die unless EU takes greater action
By: RochesPoint on 3/15/16
Come on Europe - get your act together! Also 5th largest economy in the world - play a bigger role! David O'Brien. ...
Holy See: World seeing new forms of violence against women
By: RochesPoint on 3/12/16
The statement; 'Charity begins at home' comes to mind because women have been discriminated against in OUR own church. Women were not allowed on the sanctuary in our own lifetime unless it was to clean it! 'One body but many parts' has not really b...
Brazil: Theologian killed in attempted robbery
By: soubreves on 3/24/16
It is with great sadness that we write about the brutal loss of Frei Antonio Moser. Friar Antonio was many Freis in one Frei, the great intellectual capacity, work and generosity. I define Frei Antonio as a "builder" of churches, books and souls. ...
Archbishop welcomes MPs' decision on Sunday Trading
By: RochesPoint on 3/9/16
We prayed for wisdom for politicians and government dignitaries. It looks like our prayers were answered. 🙏🏻 DavidO'Brien. ...
By: RochesPoint on 3/9/16
We prayed for wisdom for politicians and government dignitaries. It looks like our prayers were answered. 🙏🏻 DavidO'Brien. ...
Viewpoint: Women must preach
By: RochesPoint on 3/9/16
The church is very very slowly waking up and listening to the Holy Spirit. Vatican II is finally making an impact. Our church has a reputation for being misogynistic and being a Eucharistic church whereas the Word is as valuable as the Eucharist. ...

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