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Saturday, March 25, 2017
Latest Catholic Church statistics
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¬†For World Mission Sunday Fides News Service has sent the following statistics. Figures regarding members of the Church, church structures in the field of pastoral care, healthcare, education and assistance are taken from the latest edition of the Church's Book of Statistics (31 December 2005). Please note that variations, increase or decrease compared to last year are marked + or ≠ in brackets. world population On 31 December 2005 the world population was 6,463,234,000 with an increase of 74,734,000 compared with the previous year. Increase in every continent except Europe and this confirms the trend registered in recent years: Africa +21,910; America +8,200,000; Asia +45,850; Oceania +488,000; decrease in Europe -1,714,000. Catholics On the same date the number of Catholics was 1.114.966.000 with an increase of 16.600.000 more than the previous year, in every continent as follows: Africa +4.653.000; America +6.828.000; Asia +3.083.000; Europe + 1,906,000 Oceania +130.000. The world percentage of Catholics decreased by 0.06 %, to 17.25% with a slight increase on all continents: Africa +0.11; America +0,19; Asia + 0,05; in Europe + 0,37; Oceania +0.01. persons and Catholics per priest The number of persons per priest in the world increased by 143 , (average 12,591). Distributed by continent as follows: increase in America, Europe and Oceania, a decrease in Africa and Asia : Africa - 286 America (+106) Asia (- 1,228) Europe (+22) Oceania (+225); The number of Catholics per priest in the world increased by 37 (average 2,743). Here too we have increases in America, Europe and Oceania and decreases in Africa and Asia Africa (- 20) America (+80) Asia (-24) Europe (+21) Oceania (+60); ecclesiastical circumscriptions and mission stations The number of ecclesiastical circumscriptions increased by 12 to 2,915 with increases on every continent: Africa +2; America +2; Asia +4; Europe +3; Oceania +1. Mission stations with resident priest are 1,315 (285 less than in the previous year) with a marked decrease Asia (-194) and in Europe (-37) where the number have been almost halved. Mission Stations without a resident priest increased by 6,691 , ( almost double the increase registered in the previous year) to 121,872. Increase registered in every continent, greater in Africa (+2,271), and Asia (+ 3,981) followed by America (+400) end Europe (+27), Asia (+1.926) decrease only in Oceania (+12). bishops The number of bishops in the world increased by 57, to 4,841 on all continents. Increase in America (+31), and Asia, (+11) and Europe (+15) while in Africa and Oceania the situation remains the same as the previous year. Diocesan bishops are (3,650) (34 more than the previous year); Religious Bishops are 1,191 (increase of 23 ). The increase in diocesan bishops is registered on every continent: America (+18), Asia (+7), Europe (+11); with a slight decrease in Africa (- 1) and Oceania (- 1). The number of religious Bishops has increased slightly on every continent, especially America (+ 13) followed by Asia and Europe (+4); and Oceania (+ 1). priests and permanent deacons The total number of priests in the world increased by 520, to 406,411. Increase registered in Africa (+1,111) and Asia (+1.831), but decreases on the other continents: America (-639); Europe (-1,699) and Oceania (-84). Diocesan priests increased by 929 , with an increase in Africa (+806), America (+370), Asia (+833) and a decrease in Europe (-1.002) and Oceania (-78) as in the previous year. Religious priests decreased by 409 to a total 136,649. Increases are registered as in the previous year in Asia (+998) and Africa (+305), where as a decrease is noted in America (-1009), Europe (-697) and Oceania (-6). Permanent deacons increased by 1,067 to 33,391, the highest increase is again this year in America (+655) and in Europe (+398), followed by Oceania (+15) and Africa (+6). A decrease is registered only in Asia (-7). Diocesan Permanent deacons 32,837, with increases on all continents (total increase 1,028 ). Religious permanent deacons total 554 , plus 39 compared with the previous year with increases in America (+6); Europe (+42); Oceania (+2) and a decrease in Africa (-1) and Asia (-10). men and women religious The number of Brothers decreased by 322 to 54,708. Situation: increase in Africa (+157) and Asia (+138); and a decrease in America (-130); Europe (-368) and Oceania (- 119). An overall decrease in the number of women religious (≠6,930) now 760,529 was registered by continent as follows: increase in Asia (+2,736) and Africa (+1,306) decrease in Europe (-6,903), America (≠3,902) and Oceania (≠167). secular institutes Members of male secular institutes are 741 with an overall decrease of 69 compared with the previous year on all continents especially America (+29) and Europe (+28), followed by Asia (+9) and Africa (+3). The number in Oceania is unchanged, 1 member. Whereas the number of members of Female secular institutes decreased by 231 to a total of 28,039 members. The only decrease was registered in Europe (-469) while numbers increased in Africa (+24), America (+136), Asia (+87), Oceania (+1). lay missionaries and catechists The number of lay missionaries in the world is a 200.022, with an overall increase of 13.555 and an increase in Africa (+166), America (+11.969), Europe (+1.607). Decrease in Asia (-82) and Oceania (-105). Catechists in the world increased by 33.905 to a total of 2.974.703. An increase was registered on all continents and again this year especially in Asia (+22.098), followed by Africa (+4.723), Europe (+3.553), America (+2.002), Oceania (+1.529). major seminarians The overall number of major seminarians, diocesan and religious has increased by 1,395 to 114,439. An increase was registered in Africa (+789), America (+210) and Asia (+846), but the other continents registered a decrease: Europe (-443) and Oceania (-7). Diocesan major seminarians number 72,188 (+347 more than the previous year) and Religious major seminarians number 42.251 (+1.048). Diocesan seminarians have increased in number in Africa (+429), America (+79) and Oceania (+18), but they decreased in Asia (-116) and Europe (-63). Religious Seminarians have increased in Africa (+360), America (+131) and Asia (+962) and decreased in Europe (-380) and Oceania (-25). minor seminarians The number of minor seminarians, diocesan and religious, and increased by 457 , to 102,042. The number increased only in Africa (+1,706), whereas it decreased in: America (-703), Asia (-392), Europe (-106) and Oceania (-48). The number of diocesan minor seminarians is 77,755 (+622) and religious seminarians number 24,287 (-165). Diocesan and religious minor seminarians have increased in number only in Africa (diocesan +973, religious +733). Diocesan seminarians are increasing in Asia (+543), but decreasing in America (-864), Europe (-8) and Oceania (-22). The number of religious seminarians increases in America (+161) but decrease elsewhere: Asia (-935), Europe (-98) and Oceania (-26). Catholic schools In the field of education the Catholic Church runs 64,279 kindergartens (1,206 more than in the previous year) with 6,166,698 pupils; 91,480 primary schools (+390) with 28,084,076 pupils; 39,096 secondary schools (+819) with 16,232,070 pupils. It also follows 1,813,169 students in high schools and 2,789,840 university students. Catholic charity and healthcare centres The Church runs 5,246 hospitals (no change compared with the previous year) most of them in America (1,712) and Europe (1,257); 17,530 dispensaries (306 more than in the previous year) mainly in America (5,363), Africa (5,292) and Asia (3,626); 577 Homes for people with Leprosy (-71) mainly in Asia (315) and Africa (211); 15,208 Homes for the elderly, the chronically ill and people with a disability (+281) mainly in Europe (8,295) and America (3,868); 9,616 orphanages (-547) one third in Asia (3,212); 10,939 creches (+7); 13,485 marriage counselling centres (-381) mainly in Europe (5,620) and America (4,915); 31.312 social rehabilitation centres and 10,825 other kinds of institutions. (S.L.) (Agenzia Fides 21/10/2007) For more details statistics see:
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