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18 – 30? Want to change the world? Are you ready to take an adventure that will change you and those around you? Your journey begins and ends in the UK, but takes you to one of the poorest countries in the world to meet amazing people and to share their lives.

CAFOD is offering a gap year experience in partnership with Cardinal Newman School (near Brighton), Just Youth (Salford), MYMission (Middlesbrough), St Mary’s College (Blackpool) and YMT (near Durham).

The placement lasts for 10 months and you receive accommodation, a monthly allowance, travel expenses, training, support and mentoring.

The deadline for applications  for the last group was 25th April 2013. But if if you are interested in joining in a future year please get in touch.

See: www.cafod.org.uk/stepintothegap or email youngleadership@cafod.org.uk for more details