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ICN on holiday

Camogli harbour

Camogli harbour

Independent Catholic News  is on holiday now. While we are still updating the Saint of the Day and Listings, the next full news service will be on 30 August.

There are still a few seats left for the inaugural Independent Catholic News lecture at Heythrop College, which will be given by award-winning broadcast journalist and campaigner Mark Dowd,  at 7pm on 13 September, 2010.

The lecture comes two days before the Holy Father arrives in Scotland for the start of his state visit. Two days earlier,  Dowd will have presented a documentary on BBC2 about the Pope Benedict. Mark Dowd said: "The Heythrop lecture will be an extended set of reflections  on themes arising from the programme -  among them openness to the world and the Second Vatican Council."

The evening will be followed by a small reception. To apply for tickets, please e-mail jsiedlecka@gmail.com.