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Happy Saint David's Day!

 Catholics are celebrating the Feast of Saint David, Patron Saint of Wales, today, this year, because tomorrow, March 1st, is Ash Wednesday. It is only the sixth time since 1876 that the start of Lent has fallen on the same date as St David's Day. The last time it happened was in 1995. Canon Robert Reardon, from the Catholic archdiocese of Cardiff, said Ash Wednesday took precedence over saints' days in the church because it was a "feast of the Lord". "It's been moved to the day before so it can be more of a celebration, as it's outside of Lent," he said. A secular celebration, the opening of the Welsh Assembly Building, is going to go ahead on 1st March. Canon Robert said this was appropriate as it was a secular institution. In fact, he added, Archbishop Peter Smith will be attending the ceremony.