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Catholic Worker house opens in east London

 A new Catholic Worker house of hospitality has opened in London's East End. The house has been provisionally called Dorothy Day House. Organiser Martin Newell said: "This is a vital step in the life and work of the London Catholic Worker. It is intended to be a temporary step though, as it is a small rented three bedroom flat. It is intended to offer limited accommodation to either destitute refugees who claim has been turned down, and/or destitute migrants from the new EU countries of Eastern Europe. We are still searching for a shop front with accommodation attached, so that we can run a 'community cafe' as a work of hospitality in the deprived East End of London. The address is: 35 John Tucker House, Mellish Street, Isle of Dogs, London E14 8NS. Tel: 020 7531 9895 For more information see: londoncatholicworker.org